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Integrated Circuits – ICs

Timers & Support Products Operational Amplifiers – Op Amps EEPROM High Speed Operational Amplifiers Analog Comparators
DRAM Solid State Drives – SSD Analogue Switch ICs Digital Potentiometer ICs Buffers & Line Drivers
Power switches – integrated circuits Active Filters Power Switch ICs – Power Distribution RF Front End RF Mixer
Interface – CODECs Clock Buffer RF System on a Chip – SoC Current Sense Amplifiers Differential Amplifiers
Instrumentation Amplifiers Isolation Amplifiers LCD Gamma Buffers RS-232 Interface IC RS-422/RS-485 Interface IC
RS232/422/485 interfaces – integr. circ Logarithmic Amplifiers Analog to Digital Converters – ADC Memory Cards RF Amplifier
Digital to Analog Converters – DAC Translation – Voltage Levels Precision Amplifiers THT operational amplifiers Sample & Hold Amplifiers
Integrated circuits – others Special Purpose Amplifiers RF Detector RF Transceiver Transconductance Amplifiers
Transimpedance Amplifiers Video Amplifiers Audio A/D Converter ICs A/D converters – integrated circuits Audio Amplifiers
Audio D/A Converter ICs Audio DSPs Audio Sample Rate Converters Audio Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers Microphone Preamplifiers
Chipsets Clock Drivers & Distribution Clock Generators & Support Products Clock Synthesizer/Jitter Cleaner
Delay Lines/Timing Elements Real Time Clock Analogue & Digital Crosspoint ICs Communication ICs – Various Ethernet ICs
Network Controller & Processor ICs Counter ICs Logic Gates Flip-Flops Counter Shift Registers
Inverters Bus Transceivers Analog Front End – AFE Data Acquisition ADCs/DACs – Specialised Touch Screen Controllers
Voltage to Frequency & Frequency to Voltage Equalisers RFID Transponders 1394 Interface IC CAN Interface IC
Digital Isolators Display Interface IC I/O Controller Interface IC Interface – I/O Expanders Interface – Signal Buffers, Repeaters
Interface – Specialised LIN Transceivers LVDS Interface IC PCI Interface IC RS-422 Interface IC
RS-485 Interface IC SCSI Interface IC Sensor Interface Serializers & Deserializers – Serdes Telecom Interface ICs
UART Interface IC USB Interface IC Bus Receivers Bus Transmitters Latches
Logic Adder & Subtractor Logic Comparators Monostable Multi-vibrator Multipliers/Dividers Parity Functions
Registers Serial to Parallel Logic Converters Specialty Function Logic eMMC EPROM
F-RAM FIFO Managed NAND Memory Controllers MRAM
Multichip Packages NAND Flash NOR Flash NVRAM SRAM
Hard Disk Drives – HDD USB Flash Drives Multimedia Misc Video ICs Security ICs / Authentication ICs
Attenuators Modulator/Demodulator Phase Detectors/Shifters Phase Locked Loops – PLL Prescaler
RF Receiver RF Switch ICs RF Transmitter RF Wireless Misc Tuners
Up-Down Converters Multiplexer Switch ICs Motor and PWM drivers DC-DC Converter ICs Level translators
Drivers – Integrated Circuits